A question that has two answers.  
They are contradictory, though equally true.  
But when the question is asked   
only one is revealed.  

Is there a way to foresee this result?  
Was the outcome always destined  
or is it that somewhere there exists   
another me who saw the opposite? 

Reality is in the eye of the beholder,  
existence is what we experience,  
and the most that we can aspire  
is to speculate others’ perspective. 

Seeing the stars makes them appear.  
Our perception creates our surroundings,  
dooming all other potential worlds  
into becoming a mere dream.  

Or is it that we are blind and deaf,  
and nature surpasses our imagination?  
Are the limits of our senses  
what hides from us a richer universe?

We may never know the solution   
to this existential riddle.   
But what truth is more dreaded:  
complete uncertainty or immutable fate.

Poem published on Consilience JournalIssue 10: Measurement, Aug 2022.